Hi Happy BERRY salon Clients!!



Your trip to hair salon won’t be the same after  COVID-19 crisis. 

(NYS has very strict guidelines for reopening)

Please read them carefully.


Please note that our salon’s Price has been Changed since 2020, please double check the prices from the link below.





What our staff will do for measured employee protection:


-Appointment Only: No Walk-in customers.

-Stylist who has symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home, 

  We may ask you to reschedule your appointment if that’s the case.

-We will limit the number of clients in the salon.

-No one will be allowed to wait inside the salon. (we will not have waiting areas)

-Stations are at least 6 feet away from each other.

-Shampoo Units has physical barrier in between.

-All stylist will wear  Masks, Face shield, 

-We will Sanitize or Wash hands or Wear gloves, which will be replaced after each use.

-We have to sanitize all the Equipment/Chairs/Tools/Shampoo units after each clients.

 Please understand if we ask you to wait extra time for cleaning and sanitizing places before   

 your appointment. We will have 15min of cleaning between each client.

-Restrooms will be sanitized after each use, and will be provided to ONLY customers.

 (no one from outside will be allowed to use them for safety of our clients and staff)


What you should do for measured customer protection.


-DO NOT make an appointment, or PLEASE Reschedule or Cancel, If 


  You have experienced/ are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms such as

    Fever, any Respiratory illness (cough or difficulty breathing)

  You or any household member had any contact with known COVID-19 patient.

  Any household member traveled to international area 

    or to area of suspected community spread.

   Any household member had history of exposure to COVID-19 biologic material.

Please Reschedule or Cancel if these above apply to you in last 14 days.

 (we will NOT be able to move your appt within 2weeks if you are experiencing symptoms)

-No Staff or Client with COVID-19 symptoms will be allowed in the Salon. 

 We will have temperature checks before you enter the Salon.

-No one will be allowed to sit in waiting area, nor any other places inside:

  Please do not bring family, friends, children, pets, etc.
  unless you are parent of children under 12years old who are getting a service.

  or you require a companion for medical safety assistance.

-Customers will be required to wash/sanitize hands upon entering the salon.

-Salon will NOT provide Magazines. Please prepare your own.

-Salon will NOT provide Drinks/Snacks. Please prepare your own.

-When you arrive to the salon, please let someone in the salon know and wait outside 

 until your stylist is ready. 

-Upon entering the salon: We will have Laser no-contact temperature check.

  (We will not be able to take you if your temperature is 100f and up)

-Please wear a mask/ face covering.

-We will not provide Shoulder or Head Massages till the Pandemic is over.

    (this is determined by NYS guideline)


-Please honor the 6 feet distance guidelines while in the salon with any other customers.

-Recommended to prebook your next appointment.

-Please cancel 24hrs prior to avoid 50% cancellation fee.

 (If you need to reschedule your appointment because of  COVID-19 symptoms, we will allow

  to reschedule without cancellation fee ONLY for the first time. second time reschedule or   

  cancel will be charged.) 

-No Show appointment will result in a 100% Charge for the total amount.





Tues,Thurs,Fri,Sat 10am-8pm

Wed 10am-6pm

Sun 10am-7pm 



260 Berry st 1st fl Brooklyn NY 11249