HairCut Shampoo,blow dry, deep hair conditioning included 





Bang Trim(Shampoo, deep hair or scalp conditioning not included) 




Color blow dry not included.  plus $20 for blow dry

            (hair deep conditioning included)

Single Color 


Single Color  touch up under 1.5 inches


Bleach Single Color (bleaching twice will be double price)

Nao $180-300 

Bleach touch up under 1.5 inches

Nao $150-170

Double Color 

 upon consultation 

1/2 H/L (around face line and top)


Full H/L 


Balayage, Ombre, Sombre Touch up


Balayage,Ombre,Sombre Full


Corrective Color

Charged by Time ($110 per 1 hour)



Perm (hair cut, deep conditioning included)

Digital Perm 

Nao $300-420

Regular Perm 

Nao $250~350

Special Perm 

upon consultation


Liscio Japanese Straightening(hair cut , deep conditioning included)

within 12month from last Liscio

Nao $380~$500

 virgin hair or 12 month and more from last Liscio





Shampoo and Blow dry (deep hair conditioning included)


up-do (shampoo not included)